Beautiful smiles are created with braces and Invisalign. Proper wearing of retainers maintains the smile created indefinitely. Retainers are so important we deliver two sets of retainers as part of the treatment fee for braces. We recommend always having two sets available to be worn. BUT, things do happen to retainers. If they are not worn properly or if they become lost or broken the smile can easily shift or relapse back to original conditions. Not wearing or not having retainers to wear is bad for the new smile. At treatment completion we offer patients a plan to preserve their smile by replacing the retainer. For $100 a patient can join the plan and have the lost retainer remade for a discounted fee. This replacement retainer is the same as the original retainer and will be able to correct very minor changes to the relapsed teeth with adequate wear. If major shifting has occurred and retreatment is necessary more braces or Invisalign trays will be used at a heavily discounted fee if the patient chose to be on the plan at treatment completion. Our goal is to create AND preserve your new smile.